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When you’re working to care for your property, you want to be sure that everything stays healthy and growing throughout the year. While lawn care can be relatively easy to tackle during the winter months, tree care can require a little more work and preparation. At Altura Tree Service, we’re here to help Cape Cod residents care for their trees all year round and we also offer tree removal services, which is why we’ve put together a winter tree health checklist for our customers and neighbors.

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When it comes to tree care, many people only think about cutting down trees when they are too big or getting rid of dead branches. However, one of the most important aspects of taking care of a tree is trimming it regularly. Overgrown trees can be dangerous not just for your property but also for the people and animals around it. That's why Altura Tree Service offers comprehensive tree trimming services in Cape Cod, MA and the surrounding communities. Keep reading to learn more and...

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Trees are beautiful parts of our ecosystem. They not only provide shade on hot days, but they also host a variety of Massachusetts wildlife, including tree squirrels and many varieties of birds. At Altura Tree Service, we understand the importance of keeping your property’s trees healthy and free from disease and pests. Our team is highly skilled in identifying and removing at-risk trees, as well as providing insights on healthy tree education to our clients.

We are more than just a tree trimming and removal service....