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Removing overgrown branches can help the rest of the tree get enough sunlight and optimize the tree’s health. However, any cut made on a tree will have a lasting effect on the growth and health of the tree.

This is why since 1996, Altura Tree Service has provided tree trimming in Cape Cod and surrounding communities to help preserve the health of trees.

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5 Signs You Need Tree Trimming Services

1. Diseased or dead branches - If you're noticing that some of your branches appear weak or unstable, they're hazardous and you should contact our Cape Cod tree trimming professionals.

2. Tree cankers - If it looks like one of your branches is sinking in an unnatural fashion, then you should get in touch with our tree trimming experts. These cankers are parts of the tree that have been negatively affected by pathogens, fungi or bacteria.

3. Less than desirable shape - If you just don't like the way that your tree has grown, you're always able to contact our tree trimming experts to make your trees look exactly how you like.

4. Branches are interfering with power lines - This is an example of when your trees can negatively impact your indoor environment. Not only can branches interfere with power lines, but if the whole column goes down it could take a while to bring back your electricity.

5. You want more sunlight - If you just want more sunlight in your backyard but it's obstructed by your tree branches, then get in touch with our Cape Cod tree trimming professionals and bring the sunlight back to your yard.

Importance of Tree Maintenance

Tree trimming is a basic part of good tree maintenance. Overgrown branches can interfere with the ability of sunlight and air to circulate, which can impact the overall health and growth of the tree. Trimming back some of the branches opens up the crown of the tree and enables the rest of it to get the sunlight needed for healthy growth.

Regular tree trimming helps to:

  • Maintain the shape of the tree
  • Enhance aesthetics
  • Improve safety
  • Save a sick tree by removing infected branches
  • Keep trees healthy

At Altura Tree Service, we are equipped to provide safe and efficient tree care services. We have expert arborists to make sure every tree is trimmed in the right way to enhance its appearance, safety, and health without causing damage to the structure of the tree. Our tools are on the cutting edge of technology to ensure safety and efficiency.

A Unique Approach to Every Tree

A tree is a living organism, and each type of tree has its own unique requirements. A good, heavy trim may be ideal for a healthy mature tree. However, a tree that is not fully mature or under some type of stress or disease would be devastated by trimming too much of the canopy. Improper trimming can result in lasting damage or even kill the tree.

Proper tree trimming in Cape Cod requires knowledge and understanding of tree biology and health. Our certified arborists take the time to understand all aspects of the tree’s environment, including soil conditions, insects, disease, and different tree species to ensure that we are properly caring for every tree on your residential or commercial property.

Quality Tree Trimming in Cape Cod

Tree trimming is generally recommended twice each year to keep trees in optimal health. In addition to knowing where and how much to trim, it is important to trim trees at the right time of the year. This can vary depending on the season and species. For example, flowering trees should not be trimmed while they are in bloom. Scheduling your tree trimming in spring and fall will help you avoid the blooming season and prevent damage to the tree.

Our Cape Cod tree trimming experts have the training, certification, and experience needed to detect any potential stressors, assess the condition of your trees, and use the most appropriate trimming methods to provide the best possible care for your trees. We provide expert tree care for all species and serve the tree maintenance needs of residential and commercial properties of all sizes.

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