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Improving the Growth & Structural Integrity of Trees

Pruning is a necessary tree maintenance procedure for maintaining the aesthetic and structural integrity of your trees. At Altura Tree Service, we offer tree pruning in Cape Cod and the neighboring communities. We have certified arborists with the knowledge of tree biology needed to provide effective tree pruning without causing damage.

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Reasons to Prune Trees

While trees in the forest don’t require pruning, landscape trees often require maintenance to keep them healthy and looking their best. Tree pruning is used for a number of corrective and preventative reasons.

Tree pruning is used to:

  • Remove dead branches

  • Get rid of dangerous branches

  • Correct the form and control direction of growth

  • Improve light and air to the inside of the crown of the tree

Different pruning techniques are used for specific purposes. We are trained, fully equipped, and have more than 25 years of experience in our field. This expertise allows us to provide services that are customized to your unique needs.

Why is it Important to Care for Your Trees

Tree care is important because it aids in helping maintain a healthy environment. They help improve the air quality, give us oxygen, provide shelter for wildlife, and more. Additionally, caring for your trees can assist in controlling the outdoor weather. Trees aid in absorbing some of suns heat, helping maintain a cooler weather.

Timing Is Important

When pruning a tree, it is important to do it at the right time. Generally, if you are removing limbs that are dead, weak, or diseased, you can have tree pruning done at any time of the year. However, wound closure and tree growth are optimized by pruning at the right time of year. The best season to perform tree pruning is before the spring growth, if you are concerned about the health of the tree.

Disease is another factor to consider when planning tree pruning. Wounds caused by tree pruning can make some trees more susceptible to certain tree diseases. For this reason, tree pruning may not be advisable during transmission periods. We can inspect your trees and advise you about the best time to prune them.

Skilled Tree Pruning Professionals in Cape Cod

Improper pruning can cause lasting damage to a tree, so the job should always be handled by a trained professional. At Altura Tree Service, our Cape Cod tree pruning company services young and mature trees of any species. We can inspect your trees to determine the most effective pruning technique to improve the health, growth, and structural integrity of each tree.

We use a range of pruning techniques, such as:

  • Thinning: Removing certain branches to improve air and light penetration and improve the structure of the tree

  • Cleaning: Removing branches from the crown that are dead, dying, damaged, or diseased

  • Raising: Taking off lower branches for clearance purposes

  • Reducing: Pruning branches to reduce the height of the tree, often for utility lines and other clearance reasons

All work is performed by a team of certified, educated, and reliable professionals. We offer free estimates for our safe and efficient tree pruning and other tree services. If you have one or more trees in need of pruning, get in touch with us to schedule service at a time that is convenient for you. We are available Monday through Friday, as well as Saturday by appointment only.

4 Myths About Tree Pruning Services

1. Trees are fine without tree pruning - Not only will your tree look worse, but trees without proper pruning services will be less healthy than those that receive a professional's attention on a regular basis,

2. Trees should not be pruned during the summer- While the springtime may be the optimal time to have our Cape Cod tree pruning experts in, summertime appointments can seriously improve the health and aesthetic of your trees.

3. All trees can be pruned in the same way- Fruit trees and shade trees for example are very different in a lot of biological ways. Therefore you'll need an arborist's expertise to properly prune your trees .

4. Over-pruning will kill your trees- Unless there are power tools involved, over-pruning won't be the direct cause of your trees' death. Our Cape Cod tree pruning experts know how to properly maintain your trees so that we'll never over-prune your trees anyway.

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