The Danger of Overgrown Trees

The Danger of Overgrown Trees

When it comes to tree care, many people only think about cutting down trees when they are too big or getting rid of dead branches. However, one of the most important aspects of taking care of a tree is trimming it regularly. Overgrown trees can be dangerous not just for your property but also for the people and animals around it. That's why Altura Tree Service offers comprehensive tree trimming services in Cape Cod, MA and the surrounding communities. Keep reading to learn more and contact us to receive a quote.

Fallen tree laying on roof of house

Property Damage

Overgrown trees can damage your property in a number of ways. Tree branches can scratch or dent your car or break windows. In extreme weather conditions, overgrown trees are more likely to fall, which could cause serious damage to your home or other structures on your property.

Fallen tree branches on roof of house

Collisions with Low Hanging Branches

Tree branches that hang low are a collision waiting to happen, especially if you have young children or pets. They can also obstruct your view when driving, which could lead to an accident. Our Cape Cod tree care team is here to provide you with the tree trimming services needed to protect you and your family from any accidents waiting to happen.

Fallen tree on roof of house

Risk of Trees Falling in High Winds

During the rougher weather, your overgrown trees are more likely to fall down and cause major damage. To prevent this event from happening, you can contact our Altura Tree Service team to provide you with emergency tree services where we come and trim your overgrown trees before they have the chance to fall over.

Broken tree branches laying on the ground

Hiding Places for Unwanted Pests

Many pests make overgrown trees their new homes, such as rats, snakes, and even spiders. These pests may even make their way into your home if not taken care of! If you notice any signs of these pests in your overgrown trees, turn to Altura Tree Service for thorough tree trimming services.

When you’re in need of tree trimming services or emergency tree services for the overgrown trees that surround your Cape Cod home, turn to the trusted Cape Cod tree care company in the area. Altura Tree Service provides comprehensive tree trimming services that will ensure your home is protected from overgrown trees for years to come. Contact us to receive a quote today!